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Amish Snow is a wonderful story on many levels. Ezra, the engaging young protagonist is trapped between two worlds: the strict, joyless and somewhat hypocritical world of his Amish family and surroundings, and the secular, “sinful” and yet enticing lifestyle of the “English” all of which promises tremendous dramatic events in this boy’s life. Roger Rheinheimer’s debut novel is written with sensitivity, insight and skill. –Irene Zabytko, author, The Sky Unwashed, Algonquin Books.

This smartly written story is thoroughy engaging. In fact, so much so, that I read most of the book on a rainy afternoon… yes, a page turner. Roger Rheinheimer does an excellent job of weaving a fantastic storyline with a bit of a history lesson and a look into the culture of the Amish (without being patronizing.) I was genuinely surprised to learn some of the things revealed during the course of the story that are counter to what most of us would guess to be “good Amish behavior.” It’s a great read. You won’t be disappointed.   Seattle reader.

Amish Snow is a thought-provoking exploration of Amish culture contrasted with mainstream society’s culture through the eyes of main character Ezra, with whom it is easy for the reader to sympathize as he feels his way in the “real world.” This novel is not your run-of-the-mill Amish story, and it is refreshing to enjoy a well-told story with a new spin.   Ohio reader.

I thoroughly enjoyed Amish Snow. I was fascinated by the portrayal of the Amish way of life and the young people’s struggle with their decision whether to follow their upbringing or the seemingly seductive way-of-life of the “English”, or the non-Amish. The author’s skilled descriptions of people and places caught me up in their seeming reality. Even the vivid characterizations of the “bad guys” came to life for me. Did I mention the elegantly-spun plot? I read the book in a short time because each plot development engaged my curiosity about the next one. Kudos to the author. I look forward to future novels!  Dallas reader.

Amish Snow is a fascinating story of coming of age in one of the most culturally-isolated, misunderstood groups in America. Roger Rheinheimer skillfully weaves his narrative about an Amish teen, Ezra, who is determined to leave his turbulent roots behind to make it in mainstream America. The author puts a new twist on the Amish tradition of Rumspringa, which encourages young adults to sample the usual worldly temptations before settling into the well-known chaste life of the sect. But in this story, these experimental debaucheries aren’t the usual beer-drinking and back-seat sexual exploits of previous generations, but a collision with the darker, modern-day world of gangs and drug dealing. Will Ezra and his peers make it, or even survive?  Vashon reader.

I really enjoyed this well told story of young Ezra, the Amish teenager that escapes an abusive family life, and learns to make his way in the “English” world. Funny, exciting, and romantic, I felt like I was right there beside Ezra as he made his bumpy ride into young adulthood. In fact, all of the characters really came alive, and I have been unable to get this story out of my head, my benchmark for a good story. This debut novel from author Roger Rheinheimer was both entertaining and informative. I will watch for the sequel!  Washington reader.

Just finished my copy of Amish Snow..Good job. …the characters really came about a sequel!!!  Indiana reader.

I finished Amish Snow last night and enjoyed it very much. I’ve read a lot of John Grisham in the last year or 2 and your style seemed to be similar. Makes for a really good read. Indianapolis reader.


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