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Crystal Linn and I have been having a lot of fun writing the serialized Amish romance fiction Amish Forever. The first eleven volumes (chapters) are out and are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as digital stories:

Amish Forever-The Stranger-Volume 1 [Kindle Edition]

Ava Troyer never really considered the possibility of life outside of the warm, protective Amish community. Even during her state-mandated schooling through the eighth grade, she would dreamily fantasize about whether any of the other Amish boys in the history class, right after lunch, was going to be the father of her children, or if she would meet the man of her dreams from another state, an exciting possibility. But the wreck that killed her father and almost killed Ava, that early Sunday morning, at the hands of an all-night reveler, changed everything. The young man in military fatigues that pulled her to safety spoke Pennsylvania Dutch to her, but he wasn’t Amish. Or was he? And how could she be so powerfully attracted to a young man about to go overseas to war, something she fiercely believed was wrong?

Amish Forever-Thankful Still-Volume 2 [Kindle Edition]

Strong and resilient, Amish and beautiful, 17 year-old Ava Troyer is released from the hospital after the bad accident that took her father. She makes the quiet ride home in the old family buggy, sandwiched between her huge brothers, Isaac and John. She is greeted at the old homestead by her stern and cold Aunt Rachael, the only “mother” she has known. Things slowly begin to return to normal as Ava continues to wonder and daydream about the handsome stranger who rescued her then disappeared. And then Jed, Ava’s unwelcome admirer, shows up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Amish Forever-A Plain Christmas-Volume 3 [Kindle Edition]

In this third installment of the Amish Forever continuing series, it is that formerly magical time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Except this year, Ava is torn with the loss of her father, and her growing preoccupation with the mysterious stranger who pulled her from the fiery wreck and then vanished. She spends hours in her upstairs bedroom window brushing her long hair, seeing the stranger behind every tree, darting to the barn, waving. Christmas is approaching, and Ava spends a lot of time in her room making little presents for friends and family. One night, as she hand sews, she thinks she hears small taps on her window. At first she ignores them, thinking they are frozen snow pellets, but the sound increases and Ava realizes the sky had been clear when she walked up the stairs earlier. She goes to her window and slowly raises the simple gray shade. Her heart stops. Below her in the moonlight is her beloved stranger, her Freund! She flies down the stairs as quickly and quietly as possible. The last thing she wants is Aunt Rachael to know her hero has arrived. She carefully opens the rear door and almost leaps down the three rear porch steps, stopping in front of this handsome man. He looks exactly as she remembered, complete with the thin, tidy moustache and an almost symmetrical face. She is excited, relieved, and shy all at the same time. “Hello,” she whispers quietly, “I’m Ava.”

Amish Forever-A Cold Winter-Volume 4 [Kindle Edition]

In this fourth of twelve installments of the Amish Forever continuing series, it is New Year’s Eve. This normally festive time in the Troyer household turns sad as family members – and Jed – recall the life and passing of Ava’s father, Amos. The New Year starts with a thundersnow, an usual blizzard, which causes much damage and financial loss. As a result, Aunt Rachael must tend to the household responsibilities by herself as the Troyer brothers need Ava’s help in clearing the storm debris.

Ava must face a bleak future, wondering if the conversation she overheard at church about Zeke is true and the fear that she will never again be able to see Zeke, her beloved fruend, who rescued her.

But love always finds a way…

Amish Forever-Bonnets and Puppies-Volume 5 [Kindle Edition]

In this fifth of twelve installments of the Amish Forever continuing series, Ava Troyer, young, beautiful and Amish, is given a puppy by Zeke, her English admirer. Aunt Rachael absolutely loathes dogs, and has a fit as the new puppy howls and barks in the barn. Rachael is so upset she grabs her head with her hands, trying to block out the sound. Isaac declares he will decide whether the puppy stays or goes, stunning their aunt into an uneasy silence. She secretly invites Jed, the young man that is trying to decide if he is Amish or English, to a Valentine’s Day dinner, hoping to create a spark with him and Ava and to get the “foolish young girl’s” mind off of Zeke.

John, the youngest of the three brothers, leaves the tense household on his bike, nearly freezing as he pedals furiously to town on that cold night. He barges in on his brother Abe (Abram) and Abe’s girlfriend, Bliss, totally oblivious to his brother’s plans for the evening. Abe tries to find a quick way to escort John somewhere else, anyplace but there with him and Bliss.

The next morning, Ava maintains her determination to take care of the puppy and to be extra nice to her Aunt Rachael and yet is stunned by the old woman’s reaction.

Amish Forever-Rachael’s Story-Volume 6 [Kindle Edition]

Ava, young, beautiful – and Amish – is elated that Kez, her puppy, is coming home. Kez, a border collie, has been at a neighboring farm, being trained by Mr. Bontrager to become a cattle dog. Once Kez is home Isaac trains him to keep his distance from the house and from their Aunt Rachael who hates dogs. The Troyer siblings know something is wrong when Kez bounds up the steps to the house and begins to bark frantically. Inside they find Aunt Rachael passed out on the floor.

Rachael wakes in the hospital to find herself surrounded by her nephews and niece, whom she loves, but is surprised to find Helen, Zeke’s cousin, with John. Though reluctant, Aunt Rachael begins to tell the five young people her story. The awkward situation gets worse when Zeke walks in and surprises everyone.

Amish Forever-Where Has Love Gone?-Volume 7 [Kindle Edition]

The four Troyer siblings, Helen, and Zeke all get kicked out of Aunt Rachael’s hospital room and eventually find themselves in the small hospital restaurant. While there Zeke and Helen argue which makes Ava cry.

After Rachael Troyer returns home, Isaac threatens Abram and Ava fights with Jed. Later while Ava is babysitting for the Bontragers Zeke shows up, unexpectedly, to tell her he is leaving.

Amish Forever-Broken Hearts-Volume 8 [Kindle Edition]

Ava finds herself sad and confused because of Zeke’s late night confession and announcement that he was leaving to join the military. In the meantime John and Helen are having relationship problems and Helen’s father, Mr. Mathias, is involved. Abe’s total lack of responsibility creates problems for Bliss. Ava’s frustration and confusion increase when Jed makes a special trip to the Troyer farm to inform Ava that he has an English girlfriend and that it would be of no use to Ava for her to think about Jed coming calling for her.

Amish Forever-Ava’s Birthday Surprises-Volume 9 [Kindle Edition]

Ava celebrates her eighteenth birthday with the local Amish community and the big day holds several surprises. The following day, Sunday, is a church-meeting Sunday and both Isaac and John are distressed to discover their beloved sister does not seem to fit in. Then, when the Troyer family arrives home, the biggest birthday surprise of all is waiting for Ava.

Amish Forever-Ava’s Admirers-Volume 10 [Kindle Edition]

Ava finds herself confused about Zeke’s behavior and wants to be alone to try and figure things out. Yet she finds herself in Wal-Mart with Helen Mathias, the one girl she feels she can call friend. While shopping, Helen sees her cousin, Michael, a handsome – and very Amish – young man who is obviously interested in possibly courting Ava.
In the meantime, Isaac has a talk with John about courting Helen and the two brothers, so fond of each other, almost get in an argument. Then Bliss and Abe get into a big fight about Abe’s treatment of Ava.

Amish Forever-Follow Your Heart-Volume 11 [Kindle Edition]

Ava finds herself in the Wal-Mart parking lot with both Zeke and Michael. Making a split-second decision she leaves and goes to the Bontrager’s where she has a meltdown and then learns the truth about Rachael, her aunt. At the same time, Zeke finds himself on a long drive where he does some major soul-searching. Then Isaac receives word that Helen’s father, one of the church elders, wants to have an early morning talk with him before the two-hour church service begins.



In addition, I have two full-length novels out, Amish Snow and Yield Spread: A Novel. Both are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as paperback or digital books. As with most authors, I am always looking for reviews, and will provide free paperback copies to anyone willing to post a review on the online stores. I will also sign those review copies, just send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll get them off in the post.

PRIVACY POLICY: I do not collect any emails, names or addresses for any sort of promotion. Unless you contact me in the future, you will not get any email or other communication from me or anyone else.



Roger Rheinheimer
Amazon Kindle Best-Selling Author


  1. Sharon Schneider says:

    I very much enjoyed the first 4 books I bought for my Kindle,but they are very short and i would like to read the rest of the story. Not sure where to find them or it. I enjoy the way you write.Thank you .

  2. Roger says:

    Hi, Sharon, glad you are enjoying the series!

    Volume Five, Bonnets and Puppies, should be released in the next couple of days, and we plan to release a new chapter every three to four weeks until all twelve are published. Keep checking back here for future announcements, too.

    Thanks so much,


  3. Carol Lira says:

    Amish Forever is a great story , I just finished reading it. I cannot wait to read the rest of the story.
    Keep up the good work.

    Carol Lira

  4. Roger says:

    Thank you Carol.

  5. Sandy Bowers says:

    My wife Sandy loves the “Amish Forever” volumes. I know that she would love to have a copy of “Amish Snow”. What a surprise it would be for her to get the book. I’m sure she would be more than happy to leave a review .
    Keep up the good writing.
    God Bless!

  6. Roger says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to send this note, it is really nice to hear from readers. Sandy should have received her signed copy of Amish Snow by now, and if she does indeed submit a review, please ask her to disclose that her copy was provided free by the author.


  7. Amanda says:

    I love the Amish forever series! I just can hardily wait for Vol. 10-12. When should they be out??

  8. Roger says:

    Thank you! Volume 10 should be out by the middle of next week, and we’re working on 11 and 12. So glad you are enjoying the series!

  9. viv says:

    Hi, can you tell me when vol 12 will be out?

  10. Roger says:

    We’re putting the finishing touches on it and plan to have it to the publisher by this weekend, so it should be out sometime next week. Thanks for asking about it!

  11. Barbara Prisinzano says:

    Mr Roger Rheinheimer, an Crystal, Linn. Can u please tell me if u have Books out Called Amish Forever1-12 not Kindle, I dont have Kindle, But i do read alot of Amish Books , I dont have any of your Books yet , your new to me as a reader. Thanks for your time Barb P

  12. Roger says:

    Hi Barb, yes we do have Amish Forever out as a digital series. You can download the Kindle app to your computer and read it that way if you like, for either a PC or a MAC. We submitted the final episode, Love at Last, to our publisher last weekend, so look for it to be released any day. Also, we are combining all of the episodes into one book that will be available electronically and in print later this year.

    Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by,


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