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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
French lick west baden train rides

French lick west baden train rides

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Interesting idea. That may be the basis for the reaction to the men, but I consider the result of it, sexism. I don't consider feelings of self-conciousness to somehow excuse treating people poorly on the basis of their sex.

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33 comment    

17.03.2018 21:11:09 Turan:

I might be inclined to agree. But what is it you think is "faulty" about it?


20.03.2018 6:01:01 Daihn:

Yea, and your point is?


24.03.2018 10:35:00 Tojakora:

Legal bigotry. He can refuse to serve gay weddings even though he serves wedding cakes to straight people. Bigotry and discrimination against gay people in the name of religion is now legal.


30.03.2018 2:54:23 Fenrizshura:

I agree, sxcd. Thank you for your thoughts ???????


07.04.2018 10:45:26 Sagrel:

What is established science? Was "random mutations" established?


13.04.2018 0:55:27 Mekora:

We know that is the case.


15.04.2018 8:22:33 Mazular:

So, what you read today is not what the all-knowing, all-seeing Supreme Being caused to be written around 2000 or more years ago? The GREAT holy book, the only source for all morality is no more?


17.04.2018 12:43:49 Majind:

So, what is wrong with trying to persuade her to change her mind?


26.04.2018 21:53:44 Moogukree:

God belief downgrades everything. The happiest and most well off nations are the nations that are the most secular. Contrasting that the most religious nations are the broke, stinking s-holes the president was talking about. Yes let's just ban all religious people from entering the country. We have enough idiots here all ready.


02.05.2018 23:02:46 Tojashicage:

Aren't you wonderful?


06.05.2018 9:06:51 Mezidal:



11.05.2018 9:50:08 Moogugul:

Next you're gonna say we should put up with left-handedness and blue-eyes as perfectly normal!


19.05.2018 18:02:22 Kazrajar:

You also didn't answer my question.


26.05.2018 23:41:45 Goltirg:

That makes no sense. The sky is not what the cloud is. They are separate. The cloud forms in the sky but they are not the same thing. You're trying so hard to sound intelligent I


04.06.2018 9:25:56 Mazugami:

You get judged either way.


10.06.2018 8:04:46 Nikojinn:

Hmmm. The big boss at WaPo must be on vacation today.


14.06.2018 18:19:07 Vudogis:

Aww.... that'd be AWESOME! Do it GHF! Do it!


22.06.2018 23:56:58 Goltitaxe:

Do you not believe we have fee will in the way that it allows us to either do something moral or immoral for which we are responsible?


29.06.2018 17:42:02 Dazilkree:

Slavery is condoned in the new testament as well.


01.07.2018 2:08:12 Arashishakar:

LOL.... still going to cling to that are you?


07.07.2018 2:43:57 Taular:

By the way. Does anyone know how to contact the REAL moderator of the Channel 'News'?


08.07.2018 16:40:07 Voodoomi:

All particles do, that's the basis of the many worlds hypothesis of quantum physics


15.07.2018 12:56:31 Yozshur:

Ha, ha! One hack ID having a fake conversation with another lefty hack ID! Boring waste of space!


16.07.2018 15:48:16 Voodoom:

So, you still believe slavery ended? We have a new name for it, recycled to be cleaner: "exploitation". Has the USA been not guilty of doing it to other nations?


21.07.2018 23:07:17 Vudogar:

I mean I am a direct person...if someone is talking to you about marriage and you have concerns or fears...speak up


01.08.2018 2:39:29 Tuzilkree:

Interesting take. Wrong, but interesting.


08.08.2018 10:44:35 Mezijora:

I guess it's a form of mass hysteria when cons come up with really stupid ideas and they all jump right on them.


15.08.2018 3:15:22 Kagashura:

I'll take that as confirmation that you have no evidence that any of that bullshit is even remotely true.


18.08.2018 4:31:34 Faecage:

Nope. I never saw you at the scene of the evidence. You hid away?


20.08.2018 22:34:00 Nikogore:

Rofl. Yup. Hey, there are worse.


26.08.2018 21:22:50 Kazira:

Are you asking me if I would force someone to perform what is murder to them or what I would do? I would train 911 calls to take people diagnosed with a miscarriage to the non-Catholic provider. 4 out of 5 hospitals in any given region are unaffiliated.


27.08.2018 19:36:25 Mor:

Oh yeah, Nerd is sitting in the dark basement 24h behind his computer and telling us about real life ... ??????


03.09.2018 11:04:14 Zulujin:

I see engineers as dealing with the facts in front of them, but not delving into bigger questions, nor looking for alternative explanations. More like "how can we ....based on what we already know". There are a different breed than biologists or physicists. Not that engineers are not smart and necessary, just extremely focused on things already known.

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French lick west baden train rides
French lick west baden train rides
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