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As I said, schools are FAR from equal under the current system. I think they would become radically more equal, but that's just my opinion. I can't actually cite a peer-reviewed journal article to prove what hasn't actually been tried in real life.

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34 comment    

13.06.2018 8:18:30 Mara:

And they are not all liberals, not at all, as we often assume. Many of them are conservative. They've seen first hand what the excesses of liberalism have wrought.


23.06.2018 5:39:43 Vugami:

That applies to any and all who deny or make excuses for the issues that are a major factor in death and destruction. Killing is killing, I just do not understand why you focus on this ONE group of killers.


24.06.2018 20:39:44 Gam:

I think many Christians hold the Bible in higher regard than God.


28.06.2018 9:18:07 Maull:

Anymore of that, and we'll have to let you go. Thanks.


03.07.2018 18:55:16 Kagakinos:

Impatience at what? He knows where I am.


07.07.2018 0:51:55 Tojatilar:

..about hybrids dip


15.07.2018 8:42:16 Nizragore:

Why do you hate dogs?


22.07.2018 23:31:29 Kagarisar:

Good morning Chief. What goes on the grill today?


26.07.2018 17:58:37 Fejinn:

I think is not a source or data.


03.08.2018 8:11:44 Kinris:

New definitions I found in Websters today:


10.08.2018 4:29:19 Dazragore:

you don't spit on my god of the oars and I won't spit on your god of the bible jk


14.08.2018 0:39:04 Tygozahn:

If your sex skills were a the meme.


15.08.2018 7:21:02 JoJor:

No husband but your mom may still be there. You may not recognize her, i shaved her back.


22.08.2018 6:26:56 Mazukus:

Exactly. They only ruled on the impartiality of the Colorado State Commission, not the actions of the baker. It's still illegal to discriminate, something a lot of people seem to be misunderstanding still.


27.08.2018 10:04:05 Yomuro:

I never understood why diversity is important, i mean not discriminating is important. But just because a group doesnt have people who are the right color what difference does it make?


05.09.2018 2:22:53 Shakalkis:

Again I disagree WLC offered five points of defense and Hitchens only really focused on the moral argument. The interesting thing is Hitchens now knows better than all of us the nature of God, since he passed away a few years ago.


13.09.2018 23:57:16 Grojar:

That's it. Trollery reported.


15.09.2018 12:49:01 Tojalar:

Oh..oh..where can I sign up my wife for this tree ironing thing. Hell I only got 9 in.....


23.09.2018 3:35:33 Zolojora:

No, I suggest manners and respect for others.


24.09.2018 10:28:06 Jugar:

If it had been independently verified, there would be no doubt your god exists


26.09.2018 17:33:49 Kelar:

They are all ETHNIC conflicts. One ethnicity stomping on another. Racism.


27.09.2018 18:36:03 Tegar:

It's kinda cool when you find a HUGE clump and you're all "woaaahhhh"


07.10.2018 22:06:29 Sakree:

No. Because the Bible says so.


12.10.2018 19:00:19 Mazuktilar:

{"The Dpic was totally inappropriate and probably illegal."


23.10.2018 3:48:47 Mazutilar:

The phrase is "Belief is not wanting to know what is true."


26.10.2018 21:09:41 Nimuro:

And apparently YOU glossed over the fact your own Jesus says in your bible that the end would happen before the generation he was speaking to would pass away, which makes Jesus a failed prophet.


29.10.2018 9:07:53 Mazilkree:

The question is, how big of a linguistic inventory did pre-Islamic Arabic have? There may certainly have been a defensive cultural chauvinism. However, the Quran was engaging with religious intertexts from other languages. It may be that Muhammad simply didn't have a way to say what he wanted to say in his own language without borrowing heavily from Syriac (or Aramaic in general). We can look at the Syriac-speaking community in Malabar in India to see how far afield Syriac traveled via trade and how much influence it had as a trade language.


01.11.2018 22:49:04 Merg:

I'm replying just in time for your meeting to be over, but good luck!


08.11.2018 14:33:49 Faurisar:

What would you like to know about Islam? While I was born and raised Roman Catholic, I lived in nations dominated by Islam for more than a decade. Thanks to the Uncle Sam travel club and my current profession, I have a great deal of experience with those who profess Islam as their faith. My second Master's Degree required a thesis involving the comparison and contrasting of Christianity and Islam throughout their existence. A number of my clients herald from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UAE. My company provides personal protection, as well as a number of other services. I am always happy to oblige those who want to learn.


17.11.2018 12:17:41 Moogushakar:

All that there is can happen in the absence of a God or "creator."


26.11.2018 18:50:04 Dot:

OK, but what kind of God? (I know, I'm preaching to the choir.)


01.12.2018 18:07:53 Kigashakar:

The government's job is to regulate it's people. The people need regulating because let's face it, people are stupid. Just look at how consumers allow businesses to make them pay more for less and jack up prices. If it wasn't for government regulation, businesses would be bending you over even more.


09.12.2018 21:37:00 Mikajora:

Many bible scholars don't believe jesus said anything in the Gospel of John from which you quote. Where in the synoptics do you find similar mythology?


18.12.2018 13:34:59 Sar:

That is backward man.

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