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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
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African flag bikini Explore Flag Bikini, Bikini Tops, and more

African flag bikini Explore Flag Bikini, Bikini Tops, and more

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Not one person in ancient history or modern history has resurrected after being pronounced dead for 3 days. What is the scientific evidence this is even possible?

DP Star Live Show Part 1

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DP Star Live Show Part 1

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35 comment    

30.01.2018 21:08:51 Sashicage:

No Cooter, its all you could muster with that high school diploma!


09.02.2018 10:39:16 Mitaur:

I have never heard that Nazareth didn't exist in the first century. I trust the consensus among experts that it did. It doesn't threaten my atheism a whole lot.


14.02.2018 17:36:34 Kagagami:

Lol he texted, wrote lol


17.02.2018 8:15:16 Mektilar:

I don't think Shannon accepts what I am saying to her...


22.02.2018 8:13:12 Kagataxe:

So does asparagus


23.02.2018 17:10:22 Junris:

Comic book references aren?t about "functional literacy", they?re a message that you don?t know how to react to the real deal. I?m not the one who has failed to show adequate validation of the Social Sciences. YOU ARE. My use of comics is evidence of my eclectic and versatile mind. Indeed, your crude and simplistic negation does speak volumes about your case. So, Comic Books make you feel superior in a backwards kind of way? Here, let me suggest a little literature that might help take you a little down the path to integrity, Galileo?s own indiscretion in putting the voice of his friend Pope Urban in his own character of "Simplicio" would help you in your hour of false pride. Or maybe the irony of Newton?s nervous breakdowns, including an accusation of J Locke of trying to set Newton up with a "woeman." Newton, who only approached Christianity through Biblical Chronology and prophecy, with nary a clue about Metaphysics.


28.02.2018 19:54:36 Kagazil:

But that's exactly the problem, isn't it, your idea falls apart as soon as it's attached to any kind of actual knowledge or study of reality, like taxonomy, or biological history.


10.03.2018 20:39:40 Voodoojinn:

I challenge you to be honest! :P


12.03.2018 1:21:39 Shakale:

Yes, that also incentivizes. As does our ridiculous immigration system that prioritizes wealth and tolerance for bureaucratic run-a-round.


21.03.2018 9:55:57 Marisar:

Gays are literally being beaten death around the world. Even in the US there are cases of extreme bullying and terrorizing on an individual bases.


26.03.2018 16:38:41 Kekree:

I know many who were abused, and yes it does. I have seen it .


01.04.2018 18:40:52 Vudocage:

Lmao. This is too funny. We were in a meeting with people trying to guess my age ie coworkers and I?m like... you will know nothing. Anyway my age slides up and down depending on 1) where I am at, 2) how long or short my hair is, 3) what I?m wearing, and 4) if I have make up on.


05.04.2018 0:24:54 Kagazil:

nah, still say the draft was too heavily weighted in their favour


07.04.2018 4:46:20 Maugar:

So, the stated morality can be changed on a whim. That is that subjective morality Christians have hated so much, except, that is, when it is THEIR subjectivity! In other words, it's not what the bible says, it's what they want the bible to say. Extremely subjective.


14.04.2018 0:03:17 Shaktihn:

Religion drives the world, and it drives politics. Sex education is important IMO and easier understood coming from an educator than a parent in many cases.


15.04.2018 0:16:47 Tosho:

This is why Christians don?t bother to post here as much. You have a very simple answer to consider but you would rather argue some point of semantics.


16.04.2018 7:12:10 Dazilkree:

Apparently, you are incorrect, it was just enforced by the Supreme Court by a majority of 7-2.


25.04.2018 3:10:48 Akinolabar:

I messaged him the other day. I told him hes got a mod spot here waiting for him. But he needs to cut the racism and he needs to apologize to the people here he accused of being racists lol. Listen to this then I told him all he needs to do is stick his tail in between his legs Just like Durant did ??????


03.05.2018 17:53:31 Zulusida:

Did somebody say fanny pack? Just don't call it that in the UK...


08.05.2018 1:41:52 Grorg:

That would be the only reason i would buy a cheap particle board item...


16.05.2018 9:32:50 Faushura:

Great name for a punk band.


18.05.2018 10:23:29 Gat:

I have no problems with the friends part... it's that he felt the need to hide this in the first place. That to me seems the problem, it's a sign he had more than friendship motives.


19.05.2018 19:26:18 Dosida:

I couldn?t care less


27.05.2018 2:56:01 Gardarg:

I believe in separation of church and state as our founding fathers intended. Islam is an awful religion in its extremism for sure, but goes without saying Christian terrorism happens too. Especially when religious views on marriage, abortion, homosexuality, traditional roles of women and children, teachings in public schools are pushed via politics - and when violence breaks out because of this.


30.05.2018 4:38:25 Brashakar:

I get you. I would agree with you about other artists, I just think with Kelly there are women being harmed now that need to be helped. This seems to be the only way to send a message.


31.05.2018 19:34:46 Gutaur:

The Dpic was totally inappropriate and probably illegal.


07.06.2018 3:21:29 JoJotaur:

M&Ms? I bring a bucket of fried chicken. If they ask what's in the bag, I tell them it's none of your goddamn business in the bag. I'm not paying more for food after they just ripped me off at the ticket booth.


12.06.2018 14:47:57 Kigatilar:

Please identify the strawman in my statement.


19.06.2018 7:31:20 Yokasa:

Once again, how many times within the last ten years has Black Flag changed its formula? Once again, care to explain nylonase and super bugs? Once again, still awaiting that rundown of your scientific qualifications, including education, experience, fields of specialty and contributions to mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific publications. Without these qualifications, what makes you think that you are competent to opine on evolution, much less an scientific matter?


24.06.2018 18:58:40 Dirn:

The Canadian judicial stance is you can't weaponize your opinion to attack and stigmatize others.


05.07.2018 5:57:33 Kazragor:

It's not sex with a child... I guarantee the principle watches porn on his office computer


05.07.2018 18:16:54 Faelrajas:

He wanted to have a fling and literally screwed himself. He probably had a nice lady to marry and the stripper pregnancy wrecked him. He did it to himself. But, maybe there is more to the story. Isn't it possible its not his baby?? either way, he didn't take precaution with someone he didn't know.


13.07.2018 9:23:22 Mazunris:

I wasn't aware this was an ongoing problem parents were facing.


14.07.2018 9:06:28 Dizahn:

Yes. He used that term to refer to Dawkins and company. So, using Gould's definition, your question is a tautology. (WHY AM I GOING OVER THIS AGAIN?)


18.07.2018 1:56:23 Arashigor:

If you can't prove it to anyone else, you haven't proved it.

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