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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Wher is the clitoris
Wher is the clitoris

Wher is the clitoris

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there is extremely scant evidence to support a historical Jesus. a look at the indomitable arguments brought by such titans as prof. Ehrman, really only boil down to one point which they make over and over again - Galatians 1:19. it's a bombshell, and personally I think a Jesus, who doesn't in any way resemble the one depicted in the gospels, did exist. but it is a very thin line of evidence, that could easily go the way of Abraham and Moses.

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29 comment    

04.02.2018 1:51:26 Shazshura:

Scarcely. This is PRB, mr. NewsViews. Bug off,


08.02.2018 15:48:12 Doujinn:

Not all celebrity endorsements are beneficial. If racist celebrities begin endorsing your product, consult their doctor. Ambien may not be right for them.


13.02.2018 22:58:48 Mezikinos:

Left that shithole decades ago.


18.02.2018 0:25:52 Dusho:

Of course you realize that applies to all the shit democrats promise and don?t deliver on.


24.02.2018 2:07:11 Kigashakar:

No law respecting a religion is passed if a person is informed by his faith.


01.03.2018 17:01:22 Gardale:

He's been urging congress to fix the problem at the border for about 16 months now. The democrats stonewalled him at every turn with every offered solution (and republicans won't work together). They suggested Trump MUST make an Executive Order to fix it - because they REFUSE to fix it, they can blame any negative fallout on him from the EO, and they just love it when presidents behave unconstitutionally in a general sense.


06.03.2018 6:52:38 Moogurr:

I've heard of guys who poke holes on condoms with needles before they open the package to "trap" the girl... this world is sick.


15.03.2018 18:26:33 Netaur:

Nope, try again. ?? ??


19.03.2018 21:12:01 Gazil:

Just read a health.article: "People who abstain from alcohol are off sick more often than those who drink moderately". I think there may be some truth to this. Tex, you have any attendance awards?


30.03.2018 0:34:10 Voodoogrel:

Cheery, I have seen combat and civil war up close and personal. I do not want that for myself ( I am too old for that sh!t!) and certainly not for my family. I just want to be left alone. No tanks rolling down Main Street, or flyovers by Huey Cobras, or machine gun nests in the parks. I do, however know which side I would aid and abet if it really came down to it, and like the old man said in The Postman, I still know stuff.


04.04.2018 22:06:42 Kazrakora:

.....and god is bullshit whether you believe in it or not.


10.04.2018 18:17:55 Barr:

I just said that.


11.04.2018 16:42:31 Shakasho:

Enigmatic is the word often used. ?? ??


12.04.2018 16:08:55 Samunris:

Cool story bro. But the thread is calling him a deep state democrat. If you think it's pussy then fine. I doubt you are non partisan though. Because you didn't feel compelled to post that in response to the many other ignorant shitstain posts.


20.04.2018 17:31:08 Tohn:

"Makes me wonder if you actually wrote the article you claim to have written."


30.04.2018 6:54:29 Mogami:

To be Unclear is to be Unkind. To be unclear is also to be drummed out of business fairly quickly.


06.05.2018 4:02:21 Kadal:

Too bad you're not my best friend or it'd be yours.


12.05.2018 23:02:22 Nikogal:

Not at all. Let's back up.


14.05.2018 12:07:19 Vudomuro:

DUCK TALES!! *woo hoo*


23.05.2018 13:33:39 Samulkis:

Right. He writes for the Star, a noted left wing extremist publication. Even if he were a credible journalist it would be difficult to accept this as being anything but a political smear job coming from the Toronto version of Pravda .


03.06.2018 4:29:22 Mazuzil:

"Separation of Church and State" is not a part of American Government.


03.06.2018 15:39:09 Faekasa:

Except of course what you just claimed is pure speculation and not backed by reality.


07.06.2018 0:12:38 Zulkitilar:

That's fine, in case anyone else thought suggestion to drop


17.06.2018 4:26:09 JoJolmaran:

The evidence that many theists quote is subjective, personal, anecdotal. Evidence verifiable by the scientific method would be an interesting change. When your god becomes as tangible, literally, as the keyboard I'm typing on, I would be very interested.


19.06.2018 10:20:31 Yozshusar:

Why is he even there, he wants the US to go it alone. He doesn't believe in any thing the other G7 countries stand for and he certainly doesn't believe in the climate part. He might as well pull all embassies for bid foreign travel by its citizens, build the wall around the US completely, ban all news outlets except Fox. Then Trump will have a country that is truly of his making.


21.06.2018 6:26:11 Shazilkree:

Do you remember this


22.06.2018 8:40:39 Mikanos:

What would you accept as proof?


24.06.2018 23:21:15 Dar:

Wrong, they have been stagnant since the 80s.


27.06.2018 6:23:29 Grom:

No..i didn't. There is a book called Romans. You haven't ripped it out have you Ts?

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