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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Big dick in sports Big dick
Big dick in sports Big dick

Big dick in sports Big dick

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I do not DO left leaning bias NPR

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22 comment    

18.01.2018 1:45:26 Gardazahn:

I actually don't.


23.01.2018 7:19:05 Mijas:

Oh please, messages from the tin foil hat crowd. Evolution is taught in every Christian college and university in the world that teaches life sciences and has been for over a century. So march your uneducated, delusional behind down to the nearest Christian college or university and take you pictures to the scientists who work and teach there in the science department and see what they have to say about your pictures. Now why won't you do that I wonder? ROFL! They're the experts, they're Christians take your pictures and see what the experts have to say. I guess you don't want people laughing in your face because you know every well that is exactly what would happen. This is the arrogance that underlies creationism, the notion that a lay person can sit back and idly think about a discipline that takes years to understand much less master and disprove it with facile, simple minded arguments. or pictures. While your down there tell those scientists you want them to stop teaching that dang evolution and replace it with your talking snake - magic tree - flaming sword -rib woman "science" and tell me how that goes for you. LOL! Thanks for the laughs.


29.01.2018 4:33:30 Douzil:

And rightfully so!


30.01.2018 16:55:04 Fenrijind:

Being a Virgin is innocence ...? Being a Virgin means not have had I sexual Intercourse .Innocence is something else. What is Sin ? What did Adam do ? ?? ??


05.02.2018 5:01:38 Togal:

Yours is better :)


13.02.2018 11:12:09 Dailabar:

When reality is proven to decide what it is going to be; and the decision cannot be predicted; we have found the edge of the Scientific Method..


20.02.2018 18:02:47 Mezimuro:

I think it's time I used that block button. Thanks for wasting my time.


23.02.2018 11:43:22 Arashim:

No, you don't seem to understand anything, that is the problem!


25.02.2018 18:22:48 Akikus:

Exactly - that's some low down BS that hurts ALL women and ALL men.


26.02.2018 14:23:20 Kazrajar:

Clarifying -- ridiculing and disparaging people with diabetes is "good", based on this person's vile "value" system.


04.03.2018 18:10:12 Kazrataur:

I will give you a hint, do a search for someone who had water thrown on them.


14.03.2018 19:43:06 Kagarn:

It's an open forum genius.


21.03.2018 13:07:33 Malamuro:

I remember house hunting a few years ago, found one that seemed too nice for the price and how long it had been on the market. When I entered the address on Google it came up on a database of locations known for manufacturing meth.


31.03.2018 4:55:12 Yokora:

No... in the Synoptic gospels Jesus specifically references that he is forming a new covenant with the world through shedding his blood:


08.04.2018 2:59:31 Kazigar:

"Christians didn't want these nations to be secular. Many still don't."


16.04.2018 21:45:56 Vora:

I don't give a rat's arse about your news outlet. You completely pivoted from this being about a discussion about kids having a voice and being a part of your political process, to a screed about the role of the media.


22.04.2018 14:52:47 Tern:

London don't need no stinken guns to top NY in deaths. So maybe mommy government is right, Britts can not be trusted with pointy objects they will hurt them self and others.


01.05.2018 5:21:56 Tajar:

Right -- apparently it's only harassment if it doesn't work. If it does work it's "sweet." This is the impasse our culture is at now.


01.05.2018 15:08:35 Kazrall:

I can haz link pls?


12.05.2018 4:23:18 Malagrel:

Weird how God behaves exactly like you would expect any other non-existent being to behave.


20.05.2018 21:48:31 Yoramar:

Well, he was in Georgia, for one. For two, he knew I wouldn't respond very well to a text, because he asked me specifically not to communicate with him. I only respected his wishes. After we talked for a while, he tried to get me to take a long weekend and come visit him. I didn't. We kind of just stopped talking for a while. Way later, he sends a text to let me know he's local again, so I wouldn't find out just by running into him somewhere.


29.05.2018 12:57:38 Kagakus:

Yeah, it's only a bit of child abuse. Who cares.

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