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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Another couple gallery picture poker strip

Another couple gallery picture poker strip

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Only those seeking to muddy the waters through disingenuous means of debate. One can be both pro life and pro choice.

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06.02.2018 8:37:28 Tygojin:

Well if this is a "witch-hunt," and so far no witches, but seems like its certainly exposed some "warlocks." It's not the power that's evil, it's disgusting people that uses power, (intended for good), for their own tyrannical purposes. Some of the warlocks are even Russian? There's Collusion all-2-be-damn, one would have to be either blind or stupid not to recognize it.


07.02.2018 8:30:27 Vishakar:

Dictatorship here we come!!!


14.02.2018 22:57:28 Akinokasa:

Well, I'm pretty close to shutting you up in my personal disqus space. Nobody's paying me to put up with an annoying twit, so cut the attitude if you want me to keep talking to you.


22.02.2018 19:41:19 Dashakar:

me and my comfy bed have already been separated for 2 hours. and i have missed it for every moment.


26.02.2018 19:29:02 Tar:

They don't care about healthcare.


07.03.2018 21:53:09 Zulkizil:

it is not by might nor by power , but by the spirit of the Lord.


11.03.2018 2:25:12 Tagis:

There aren't any parts of the Bible that make me uncomfortable.


16.03.2018 5:21:15 Shagami:

Sorry...Obama never had a 100% separation policy.


18.03.2018 5:40:53 Kigore:

One would think that a professor would know how to write. For example, it should be "I am a white person" not "I am a white people".


19.03.2018 8:29:54 Kazraktilar:



28.03.2018 0:00:04 Mezizragore:

Not anywhere I went in germany lol


01.04.2018 1:04:41 Ketilar:

When they start with that fallacy you can be sure that many more are to follow.


06.04.2018 14:01:19 Dukasa:

Mark 16: 9-20 is also accepted as not part of the orignial text.


07.04.2018 22:58:03 Voodoogor:

a fool and his money


10.04.2018 19:43:52 Shaktigis:

Yep it does


15.04.2018 14:44:48 Mikataur:

Very well put


23.04.2018 2:46:05 Nikotaxe:

Reverse cowgirl comes to mind.


28.04.2018 9:59:50 Tehn:

The kitschy 90's rom-coms. I don't care what anyone says...10 Things I Hate About You is still one of the best movies.


08.05.2018 17:21:55 Fenrinos:

"hanging out with friends"


18.05.2018 8:31:12 Kisar:

You are 60% banana. That's a fact not an insult. I am too.


22.05.2018 21:05:41 Kazirr:

... or stem cell researchers.


28.05.2018 18:38:37 Shazragore:

The Now is the constant non-moving spotlight through which perceptions pass and become memories. Those memories are what we call the "PAST". All thoughts are forms of memory. Tomorrow is an idea (thought). The past and the future have no existence outside of thought. The NOW is not a thought. It is the spotlight of awareness through which thoughts and perceptions of the world pass.


03.06.2018 8:00:46 Faerr:

Well, it's obvious, isn't it? I mean, you know, right? Anyone can see if they just accept what they are told when they listen.


05.06.2018 8:52:57 Vudoll:

If you mean correcting historical inaccuracies represented by the religious to paint a bad picture of us as a group...yes, that is OP is a representation of some of our personalities. Yes, we do get preachy at times, I can't speak for all atheists, but I come here to challenge religious ideas, as well as correct misconceptions about atheists....but I'm not all atheists either :)


13.06.2018 15:14:07 Kagakus:

Argument from ignorance.


20.06.2018 14:11:19 Meztijas:

Nope: just urban legend. The idea that in Mohammed's own time there were Muslims whose mosque needed to be burnt down... yeah I would not have been the one to say "Uh... Mr. Prophet sir... I know it might be strategically sensible to do this... but doesn't the Koran say..." :-)


21.06.2018 7:36:19 Goltijinn:

When my kids were learning the stories about the flood, it was the puppies and kittens that made them angry.

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Another couple gallery picture poker strip
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