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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Peeing on the road

Peeing on the road

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Let's call Sherlock then haha XD

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28 comment    

07.01.2018 6:47:49 Grolabar:

I have a 2-page document dealing with the words ?absent? and ?present? in the passage in II Cor. 5 that you are referring to. In 8 different verses in 4 different chapters in that one book Paul uses the Greek words for absent and present - present = being along side (parousia or pareimi) and absent = being away from (apeime, eimi is the infinitive ?to be? and apo is the preposition ?away from.?)


16.01.2018 13:25:12 Gusida:

Dickens preponderance upon the "hooknosed Jew" always left me oddly unconvinced of his larger commentary on the injustices of Britain.


22.01.2018 8:51:13 Gojora:

And yet Muslims the world over aren't all hateful idealogues. They are mostly moderate Muslims who just want to live in peace.


26.01.2018 11:46:49 Mell:

Actually what it seems like is your are grasping for straws, the reasons are clear, and been discussed fully - you simply want to gloss over the answers so you can maintain your smug prejudices, enjoy them!


03.02.2018 9:21:46 Jura:

It comes naturally to them. Apparently they stopped evolving at some point.


12.02.2018 3:28:38 Gura:

women? actually I call more guys that name than I do women. The last time a girl got mad at me for calling her that implying you shouldn't call women that, I turned it around on her and said I will call her a d*ck or a** then cause that's what she calls men all the time. She said no that's what you call guys... it took her a moment and then she still didn't agree.


16.02.2018 8:16:45 Mikagul:

So Yawheh is so weak that he's not able to say "thou shalt not own another human being as property"?


21.02.2018 21:47:08 Dajind:

!suspend @cashman57 7


23.02.2018 5:58:33 Nejas:

Newsflash: If you look at DNA under an electron microscope you will NOT SEE little ATGC tags or codes. There is only atoms and bonds, making molecules. We humans have assigned to codes as an analogy.


03.03.2018 13:32:21 Kakinos:

My bottom line on this Dan is that I don't think that the existence of life, whether common or rare is any kind of evidence for a creator deity. There may be lots of evidence or there may be none for a creator deity. I just don't see life as being part of the equation.


10.03.2018 21:17:09 Met:

Nobody should be demonized. Especially the LGBT and people who subscribe to a religion that supports traditional marriage.


14.03.2018 8:08:03 Banos:

i don't think christian europe was very receptive for the first 2000 years


19.03.2018 13:32:37 Vuzilkree:

This is a nice rationalization. Unfortunately, it's 100% incorrect.


21.03.2018 1:49:17 Vokinos:

Nice talking to you tempest. Take care!


30.03.2018 15:22:45 Gokasa:

To you everything is "speculation"


08.04.2018 10:42:06 Volkree:

There could be an intelligent creator I suppose but where my number drops is the part where humans think they have any clue what that creator is or wants.


10.04.2018 13:05:38 Malkree:

good point. i'll just treat her and the issue the way i'd want to be treated


13.04.2018 22:43:29 Nabei:

Hey Mark .. sorry I don't remember you ... I've been busy in the real world but I had some free time , of late, and it is sooooo cathartic to spank the Right Whingers with some good old rational FACTS...


16.04.2018 22:18:30 Moogugul:

You mean the doctrine of the god which you can't prove exists.


22.04.2018 17:32:05 Nashura:

My then two-year old didn't learn selfishness until he learned it from his older sister who learned it from kids at daycare.


25.04.2018 9:12:10 Dasida:

While hard-lining literalism can be an issue, there's also the opposite (and far more common) phenomenon that deserves attention.


01.05.2018 3:41:06 Shakajind:

Actually, no. Evolution is supported by a mountain of observable, verifiable evidence.


07.05.2018 3:10:38 Kagabei:

No. That is not in there. Thank you though. Your input is so enlightening


17.05.2018 11:23:12 Daisida:

"Might want to consider your other views denying a God are also contrary what is evident."


22.05.2018 21:41:53 Daikora:

yo said "pussies",, i can see your mouth saying it,,


26.05.2018 21:33:28 Bashakar:

Solomon? that one who believed in polytheism and worshiped the god of the sun and the constellations? That one who had thousands of concubines and consorts? Stop believing in fairy tales and grow up!


28.05.2018 7:27:25 Dokree:

treats citizens like employees, how so ?


29.05.2018 15:15:37 Arashibar:

Go back and read without your Christian goggles on.

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