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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Free interracial chat sites
Free interracial chat sites

Free interracial chat sites

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33 comment    

19.01.2018 9:52:47 Molmaran:

Oh dear God have mercy on her soul!


27.01.2018 5:21:04 Vizragore:

Again, when correcting grammar on a public forum is all you got...


01.02.2018 20:35:40 Tehn:

Very well put. It's almost as if they've accepted that mass shootings are a price well worth paying for their right to carry arms.


11.02.2018 16:56:30 Mashicage:

The day I support your positions is the day I check myself in for a mental health evaluation.


17.02.2018 8:23:06 Brasho:

Noooooooo. I STILL play D&D. My tiny little town actually has a gaming store.


18.02.2018 7:58:45 Fenrihn:

And where was your comment about Lewandowski, Decent?


27.02.2018 2:01:37 Daimuro:

That?s funny you don?t believe the scripture I pointed out in numbers or exodus!!!!


02.03.2018 20:09:51 Tojarn:

It's because they don't get worked up over the little things and take their time. Love me some sloth.


05.03.2018 16:37:36 Zolojora:

Is there a lot of active sparring? That's where I could see it going off the rails. At that point, space is not an issue. If ya'll are getting in the ring together (or practice mat, or whatever) you could be in the middle of central park and there still wouldn't be enough room.


07.03.2018 12:46:23 Mikazil:

A need, I can't see a god needing anything.


17.03.2018 14:35:23 Kelkis:

Libtards, Rosenbergs, the LWM.


22.03.2018 21:11:27 Akinot:

Take a peek at Google. List of those excommunicated. Still goes on all the time.


28.03.2018 21:01:40 Kataur:

As Kierkegaard said God has no need to prove he exists.


01.04.2018 22:06:12 Gosho:

Maybe you remember him by his alter-ego, Willard.


03.04.2018 7:45:02 Gashura:

Okay, organized neo nzsm is a thing too. Doesn?t mean you?re included, but it?s real.


12.04.2018 18:21:33 Tegal:

?she was doing it on her own time and not being paid.? - LOLOL


19.04.2018 19:57:40 Nikojar:

Wait... am I certain the Christian God exists? Then I'm more around 5.


24.04.2018 19:33:40 Gromi:

I don't care about your relatives. And I will just take everything as you said as false until you prove it. (Because truth is external from your opinion.)


05.05.2018 16:45:55 Samurg:

- Just throwing this out there - the bit about not having original manuscripts and so on is not at all unique to the New Testament - we don't have the original manuscripts for almost any writing from this time period - most of what we have are just later copies, very often from centuries later, and when we have multiple copies, there are often textual variants. This is why textual criticism is important for *all* ancient writings, not just the New Testament.


12.05.2018 13:00:56 Muzragore:

he doesn't follow thou shalt not kill


15.05.2018 11:51:46 Dugore:

Wages have been stagnant. It's the CEOs and stockholders who are reaping obscene amounts of income including stock options causing the income inequality.


19.05.2018 6:43:03 Nem:

NASA and JPL don't use radiometric dating.


21.05.2018 1:50:54 Nazuru:

I already know where I stand with your god. I await your god's coming down to speak to me if he wants me as a faithful believer.


29.05.2018 6:12:46 Yozshuzil:

if it could be proved a kid was gonna be born as Trump supporter as well as an evangelical christian, would you consider abortion?


04.06.2018 4:16:48 Ditaur:

Oh he's a son of a something, but it ain't a gun.


08.06.2018 8:45:45 JoJorn:

Liberal == impaired


16.06.2018 5:35:56 Akitilar:

There seems to be a misunderstanding based on where people are posting from, but where I live many parks make the distinction. You should check your local parks next time for one so you can avoid all the "little yap machines" in a special big-dog-only area.


26.06.2018 12:36:54 Kigar:

Gee what a lame ass excuse that is to justify your gawd's commandment that women who are not virgins on their wedding night be put to death, but not men who are not virgins be done the same to. Good for you Sunshine.


28.06.2018 9:50:27 Kigal:

Yes, equal. That is what not partial means.


08.07.2018 4:34:55 Gardasida:

Yep! Everyone is our neighbor :-)


16.07.2018 10:22:46 JoJorn:

finishing some degree about cad modeling and doing an internship, but she was on medical leave cause she hurt an ankle - when she showed up again I don't know what happened but they didn't accept her medical leave and flunked her.


26.07.2018 17:43:24 Vudokree:

It was! So. Much. Clicking.


02.08.2018 19:05:39 Dulabar:

Or you could provide evidence of one major advancement in human knowledge that Christianity had anything to do with. But that would be edging dangerously close to providing evidence for a claim, something Christians are typically allergic to.

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Free interracial chat sites
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