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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Asian man blonde girl Babes
Asian man blonde girl Babes

Asian man blonde girl Babes

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I try to keep it on the downlow... some people talk differently towards you and i dont think its relevant to most conversations.

Korean Sex Scene 188

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Korean Sex Scene 188

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33 comment    

04.03.2018 4:13:20 Meztizuru:

Like looking at the sun. Quick glance = OK. Anything more = gonna get burned. Sunglasses at beach, a little more leeway, but better damn well be attentive. Keep her covered with sunscreen and the drinks with umbrellas coming.


08.03.2018 0:05:17 Daikora:

The move to cities has been a mixed bag of blessings and curses. All the vices of humanity are exacerbated by the anonymity that a city affords. But also all the freedoms that we enjoy today are largely due to our migration to cities. The technology levels and conveniences are due to city living. So we can't have it both ways. Not to mention that the vast majority of city dwellers are perfectly well adjusted and compassionate law abiding people. I am, so are all the people in my family as are all my friends.


14.03.2018 3:00:31 Grozuru:

try alt + 155 (numeric keypad)


23.03.2018 9:50:36 Samunris:

You are telling us that we can't allow Islam in because the doctrine is dangerous.


24.03.2018 20:46:01 Tot:

Quote the post


28.03.2018 15:45:11 Mikar:

Oh agreed I?m just saying just because someone?s a professional doesn?t mean they?re good you need to look at their work


29.03.2018 19:04:10 Akinodal:

We're so sorry Uncle Albert


08.04.2018 2:04:16 Bahn:

No one has a right to put their hands on you if you did not invite them to or you are not harming THEM in any way. If the student was snoring and disturbing class, then pound on the desk, use a bullhorn, something. I am not a fan of public education anymore. They are run like prisons. If you really drop all of societal dogma on public schools & think about what its like versus "its always been that way" or "i'm sure there's a good reason for it" you'll see what BS it all is. Consider that no child may leave the class without permission even to use the bathroom. Consider that even if their own body is telling them they are thirsty or hungry they cannot eat until they are allowed to eat. Consider that they are trained to raise a paw, I mean, hand to speak, move, urinate, etc. and that the teacher must acknowledge them first (and this may take several minutes)...consider they are being asked to pledge their allegiance to a piece of cloth daily, consider that they not only are controlled INSIDE the school but are given 45 minutes (at least) per subject per night which means they are going to school even at night--these kids have less rights and freedom than at any point in history. Today, if two kids fight they call the cops and give them felony assault charges and a criminal record that makes them off-limits for scholarships when 20 years ago they would have gotten detention. They are prisons, indoctrination camps, and considering colleges now have to offer Algebra they can't even educate the children who they have trapped inside of them.


18.04.2018 7:09:15 Vobei:

True, honestly, I don't know much about the story. I admit to letting the headlines on that one and a few local opinions, stir me up, though I haven't made it my issue of the day at any point.


27.04.2018 22:48:03 Vudojin:

You're on a date, you're both thirsty, and the soda machine has only one cold Diet Coke left. What do you do and who gets it?


01.05.2018 11:36:22 Mejinn:

Relevant to me and I thought relevant to the topic.


09.05.2018 12:21:47 Mejas:

Nope. That's not why Sodom was destroyed. Read Ezekiel if you want to know *exactly* what God listed as the sins of Sodom -- and being gay or straight was not one of them.


17.05.2018 4:20:12 Tojazshura:

Whoa! Wait. There are mountains of textual sources and archeological evidence that support the Bible but if you chuck out those sources for Biblical proof, then you can?t claim the same type of evidence for your pet topics.


24.05.2018 8:46:11 Arashibar:

Gotta get that 15 minutes of internet fame. That's all that matters.


02.06.2018 20:47:43 Yozshutaur:

don't matter to us, we get them snipped when we get them.


10.06.2018 14:42:09 Vulmaran:

Well said, Debra.


15.06.2018 3:30:15 Samuzahn:

My statement was a little vague. Let me elaborate.


25.06.2018 7:45:06 Motilar:

You are wrong. There is nothing science has found that says no God is required. Science just shows how things happen. God or no God isn't taken into the matter. God did it or God didn't do it has never been a part of any scientific study. Stop saying science has found no need for a God. What you are putting out when you say that is that science has studied God. Stop it.


26.06.2018 0:52:20 Gosho:

Where did I ever agree with you, COMMIE?!?


01.07.2018 5:01:50 Fenrikus:

You didn't answer the question, which seems to be a trend with you...


07.07.2018 13:31:39 Faelar:

An atheist told me on Andy's post that they thought a 'just' and punitive God was more credible than a merciful God.


16.07.2018 4:17:41 Daihn:

Rob, if he wants to be civil I?m willing to be civil.


16.07.2018 9:58:15 Kigul:

I always do :oD lolololol


18.07.2018 23:13:38 Fenrinris:

a lot of people looked at being lefthanded as being possessed by the devil, or a mental disorder!!!


20.07.2018 22:44:56 Meztira:

Conspiracy against the United States is indeed against the law. It's an appropriate charge for someone caught colluding with a foreign government to corrupt our elections.


27.07.2018 21:07:21 Dugrel:

I have. And you're wrong.


04.08.2018 5:43:12 Kigagal:

I always wash my employer ID. Thankfully it still functions well enough to let me in the building.


10.08.2018 0:39:38 Nikonris:

My building doesn't function that way.


10.08.2018 12:28:25 Tele:

I need a mug like


21.08.2018 2:03:39 Jugal:

No, my belief if is my life. I feel God's presence at all times, follow


22.08.2018 5:47:55 Yot:

I wonder if anyone would find it helpful for us to do some sort of financial advice series here once a week or once a month.


24.08.2018 19:59:08 Kazimuro:

Eating and communion are completely different.


01.09.2018 10:32:21 Aram:

This has now been confirmed?

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