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MusicSolo FemaleWebcamBritishDouble PenetrationExclusiveCosplayMasturbationCreampieRough SexBehind The ScenesBlondeBabeGangbangBig AssRed HeadHandjobAmateurHD Porn60FPSEuroInterracialRealityCumshotToysSmall TitsLesbianBrunette
Pantyhose please sahara
Pantyhose please sahara

Pantyhose please sahara

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28 comment    

08.01.2018 4:32:15 Vudosho:

A great deal is interpretation or extrapolation from repeatable experiments to draw conclusions that are impossible to repeat...the repeatable portion of the Theory of Evolution in minuscule, for example.


15.01.2018 1:20:24 Kagul:

So god is a liar?


18.01.2018 1:17:51 Tauran:

No! The left does not call everyone who disagrees with them a "bigot." They usually call them a "racist." It's much more effective.


25.01.2018 3:05:49 Faujora:

Why should I bother? You are just sending deflections that do not support your claims(as usual). They only show that you have no understanding of the claims you make.


31.01.2018 0:32:27 Sak:

It should be considered an art form by now, blame shifting.


05.02.2018 22:41:13 Mikree:

Well, you said "The guaranteed liveable wage struggle is one for reform, not transformation" and that you meant income, not wage, so now I'm just confused. In any case, I still wanted to make this point, whether we disagree on it or not.


09.02.2018 17:25:06 Maushicage:

I think all the tax breaks for non-profits, including churches, should be done away with.


19.02.2018 1:17:33 Zulura:

Yes but Donald has to be blamed for everything. Did you hear he invented and spread AIDS? He also invented crack and meth too


20.02.2018 16:07:31 Mazugul:

You know what I want from you??? Your undivided attention and your loving ?? That?s all ??


21.02.2018 13:20:30 Doukus:

You think Matthew came before Mark?


26.02.2018 6:09:32 Tauramar:

What values do you put on what's written or what's practiced? Without getting philisophical or copy pasting me. I'm talking you the human.


02.03.2018 19:04:58 Shakasar:

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION cost over $100 million per year. Problem is 40% of ILLEGALS are visa overstays, what make you think guest workers will return home?


11.03.2018 5:34:35 Shaktigul:

Because some Christians are such assholes and they really really need to push their religion on to others so they even go knocking on innocent peoples doors?


18.03.2018 23:54:42 Arahn:

nope you lost! God wins every time!


26.03.2018 17:03:48 Vurg:

The Catholic Church may have started Universities and hospitals but that was for the privileged people with a sound Christian faith. The Church fought anything that they perceived as a threat to the church.


02.04.2018 19:25:00 Vudojind:

I have Chrome on all my stuff but I just updated utorrent and it was offered. I have it installed, no viruses but haven't tried it yet. I think Cat Aware said he had it with Win 10 but can't be sure.


07.04.2018 3:28:40 Fekus:

If the premise that atheism is linked to mass killing was true shouldn't there be mass killings in countries with the most atheist, Japan, Iceland, China, Czech Republic . . .? Yes there is crime and murder in these countries but not to the level of the US. Why?


16.04.2018 1:09:22 Moogut:

Rubbish, right and wrong are decided by the society of the time. If god had anything to do with it, morality would be consistent no matter the time or place.


25.04.2018 21:19:12 Goltisida:

Yes, but that's because Canadian shooters feel socially compelled to first introduce themselves, then announce their plans and finally ask if anyone would like to be excused before they start. It's probably not uncommon for them to help people out of the building first, too.


03.05.2018 4:09:13 Akinomi:

You mean people lie about what the texts say because they are so f***ing filthy that some people ain't buying it?


12.05.2018 12:14:37 Malara:

You didn't specify that your rule applied only to specific groups of people.


17.05.2018 13:18:24 Gardalar:

Oh, good Lord did you hear yourselves after Hudak lost and Turdeau won? Good grief you progs are so ridiculously self oblivious. Try NOT being a hypocrite for a change. I know it will take some real effort on your part, but you will be better for it.


19.05.2018 6:04:47 Tagor:

It is not a matter of "liking" or not. YOUR report - READ IT - refers to ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS!


20.05.2018 19:14:24 Ketaxe:

You are the dumbest cunt I've ever spoken to.


22.05.2018 12:21:51 Mikar:

I?m saying I?m an atheist and I believe in morality. That, in itself, is evidence.


26.05.2018 23:37:52 Vokus:

He still had a stupid smile on his face though....


02.06.2018 15:49:19 Kazshura:

Yes, we all know the bible is about son/sun worship.


05.06.2018 0:17:50 Taur:

Does your wife know?

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Pantyhose please sahara
Pantyhose please sahara
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