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Alex mccourt naked pictures
Alex mccourt naked pictures
Alex mccourt naked pictures

Alex mccourt naked pictures

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Good riddance. Avoid discussing subjects beyond your comprehension.

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29 comment    

25.02.2018 13:20:03 Daik:

I am an Ex Minister with my Bachelors in Theology, Ministry, Religion and a Doctorate in Divinity. 20+ years of FORMAL study.


01.03.2018 15:40:02 Kajiramar:

You didn't give her gum. It seals the deal.


06.03.2018 0:02:52 Mikami:

I agree. Irrevenant thinks life is amazing (as we hopefully all do) but sees a lack of design in it, at least at the level of this type of strange mutual relationship. I don't think this article is pointed at general creationism but a specific type where maybe all the details were created that way in place.


14.03.2018 7:44:58 Jule:

You make claims about what some god did or did not do. You are a material person. You can not make any claim regarding any god. It isn't even belief.


17.03.2018 16:10:54 Doular:

?? I can?t even remember. I think I gave myself nicotine poisoning


22.03.2018 23:24:23 Kigor:

"Those bans weren't enacted by Christians."


27.03.2018 22:43:44 Arakinos:

Genocide isn't a broad enough term: it's mass extinction.


04.04.2018 4:11:37 Shakagal:

Um by that criteria it fails miserably. So much in the bible is wrong and nonsense. Many threads here and elsewhere on the contradictions. Also many on how there is no actual prophecy. The old testament ones supposedly met in the new testament fail because the new testament was written afterwards by people who new of the old testament so wrote it knowing the prophecy they wanted to claim was met. Like seriously, a fictional book that predicts something that is later written about in the same fictional book. You really expect any sane intelligent person to think that is a genuine prophesy? Go on give the best example of an actual prophesy you have. Lets see if you can come up with just one example that cannot be discredited with even just a trivial examination of the claim.


13.04.2018 1:50:47 Moogulkree:

I don't have robes.


17.04.2018 17:53:09 Sall:

How about we apply this logic to freedom of the press, as an illustration? So sure, students have the right to read a newspaper or watch CNN, but outside of school property. Let them start an after-school club if they want to talk about current events.


19.04.2018 18:20:05 Nikokus:

I dont like your views on socialism and I challenged you on that. It wasnt personal, outside of that ive always tried to be cool, fun and sarcastic. It might not translate that way but believe me, thats who I am. The OP has been derailed again...We could have had this conversation elsewhere too.


29.04.2018 17:15:20 Groshura:

LMFAO. So Hey, I guess those Reich-Wing ChristoFascists, who demand that atheists, lgbt's and many others, be denied their rights, be denied their humanity, and demand they be put to death are not angry huh? I guess in your opinion? I should do unto them what they will not do for others? That I am supposed to respect animals who have a long history of butchering and slaughtering other people of other races? To treat them with love and respect when they do not treat others the same way?


02.05.2018 4:04:36 Gabar:

You took my job!


10.05.2018 8:30:59 Meshakar:

I think they know very well of the hell threat, but at the same time regard it as a place were only the real bastards go and not anyone who has done good during life. Or in other words: the believe in Jesus or Allah itself is not seen as a reason to reward people, nor is disbelief a reason to throw them in hell.


13.05.2018 2:07:18 Sakinos:

"makes perfect sense that life came into being spontaneously"


23.05.2018 1:36:08 Mazuk:

No, it's not. It's still discrimination.


23.05.2018 21:20:27 Guzil:

Again you miss the point. The fact that the Prison population is more Christian then anything and atheists make up less then 1% of the population, you have zero argument here.


31.05.2018 13:06:57 Malrajas:

This is tedious. This is why I pointed out the futility of trying to have an actual conversation with you, long ago. You are not honest.


06.06.2018 21:00:17 Sham:

Because the state gives rights to the married couple. Joined taxes, inheritance, making decisions for the other, etc. You don't get those rights through a handfasting or other religious marriage. That's why the state can decide what constitutes a marriage.


07.06.2018 22:42:03 Shakalabar:

Where did I defend the system? Come on liar, back up your shit.


09.06.2018 9:15:26 Yorg:

No law shall be past respecting any particular religion, or something like that.


13.06.2018 19:18:52 Marn:

I'd have to disagree.


21.06.2018 4:58:55 Kagami:

That still doesn't make them part of your cult, Gungun. Again, Jehovah's Witnesses are relatively new. Catholics are the first Christians. Before that were the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. A Hebrew. Not a JW.


01.07.2018 9:44:18 Sajinn:

There is no proof of what is outside of the sky.


09.07.2018 0:53:28 Fenrisho:

I am a moral nihilist so to me there is no right or wrong. Sin is defined as an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. Since I do not believe that there is such a thing as a divine entity therefore to me there are no divine laws, then I cannot sin.


18.07.2018 8:25:04 Tojakora:

Should have said yes. Now theists will just keep looking for another possible religion Atheists can get on board with.


23.07.2018 21:48:52 Dairn:

Exactly and women can be the most judgmental.


29.07.2018 20:59:05 Zulushicage:

We're a Republic, not a Democracy.


30.07.2018 16:52:02 Vishakar:

So, don't submit to it.

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